Upload Components


Learn how to upload Components to Projects and best practices to ensure seamless data integration with Partsimony.

Uploading Components to a Project

There are two primary methods to upload Components to Partsimony.

  1. Import with Component file(s)

  2. Import with SAP

Step-by-Step: Upload Component with Desktop Files

To begin, click on the Add a Component in the top right corner of a Project page to open the Add Component(s) window.

Uploading your Components to Partsimony involves a simple drag-and-drop action of the Component files from your device.

The system takes over from here, automatically processing your files. While this happens, you can continue using the platform without interruption. The file processing runs in the background, and the system will notify you once the process is complete.

Preparing Component Files Before Upload

File Naming

For a smooth upload and grouping of associated files, it is important that the file names inside your zip match those in your CAD file. Partsimony automatically connects these files based on their names.

For example, if your Component is named 'Frame A', your files should be named 'Frame A.STEP' for the STEP file and 'Frame A.PDF' for the PDF file. This helps keep your files organized and ensures they link correctly in the system.

File Types

Partsimony accepts CAD files, PDFs, and GBR files. Consolidate multiple files into one Zip file to bulk upload Components.

File Size

Each file you upload should not be more than 100MB.

Step-by-Step: Importing Components from SAP

To begin, click on the Add a Component in the top right corner of a Project page to open the Add Component(s) window.

Then click on the Import from SAP button and provide details of your API key and Instance URL.

Click Connect and Partsimony will automatically import your selected Components from your SAP instance.

Log into SAP before importing into Partisimony

Make sure you're signed into your SAP instance before trying to import Components into Partsimony.

File Processing and Master Component Thumbnails

In Partsimony, when you upload a Component, the system works in the background to handle your files efficiently. A key part of this process is the automatic generation of thumbnails for your Components. This visual cue helps you quickly identify which Component is the master among the uploaded files.

If you find duplicate Components during your review, use the Archive function to clean them up. To archive a Component: select the Component you want to remove and click on the three dots icon on the Component card, then click Archive.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can upload files in CAD, PDF, PNG, and ZIP format. Make sure the file names in the zip match those in your CAD file.

  • After uploading your file, the system will automatically generate thumbnails for your components. These thumbnails help you identify the master component easily.

  • If you spot duplicates, you can select them and use the Archive option to remove them. Prioritize components with thumbnails to identify master components.