RFP Requests


Learn how a supplier can view proposal requests in Partsimony.

RFP Review Dashboard

This section of the platform presents manufacturers with a comprehensive view of all the RFPs.

Key Dashboard Views

  • Timestamps: Each RFP entry is timestamped to allow easy tracking by date

  • Requester Details: Details who sent the RFP

  • Number of Component Types: Displays the number of different components requested

  • Quantity: Total quantity of units requested

  • Map View: A world map highlights the geographical location of each RFP contact, providing visual context for logistical planning and potential shipping considerations.

Download RFPs

Suppliers have the option to download details of the RFPs one by one or in bulk to review offline.

Filtering RFPs by Contact

Suppliers have the option to filter RFPs by entering the contact name.