Provide Quotes to RFP


Discover how to respond to Request for Proposals (RFPs) on Partsimony, allowing manufacturers to submit quotes through the platform or by uploading an Excel file.

Step-by-Step: Guide to Quoting

  1. Click on an RFP to open its detailed view and see the list of components that need quotes.

  2. Click on the component you wish to quote to open its detail view

  3. Fill in the necessary fields for your quote, such as price, cost, and lead time

  4. Click 'Quote' when you have completed the form to submit your quote for that component, review the data in the confirmation modal and then click confirm

Updadate Proposals to an RFP

Bulk Quote via Excel

For bulk quoting, fill out the required information in the Excel template and use the 'Upload Excel' function to submit your quote.

Understanding Quote Variables and Options

Quantity and Batch Delivery Schedule

Create a delivery schedule to specify how many units will be delivered at different times, ensuring that the sum of these scheduled deliveries equals the total number of units requested.

Double-check Your Delivery Schedule

Make sure the total delivery schedule matches the total quantity requested in the RFP before submitting your quote.


  • Unit Cost: Enter the cost per individual unit for the component.

  • Tooling Cost: If applicable, specify any additional costs associated with tooling for the component's manufacturing.

  • Shipping Cost: Provide the cost for shipping.

Lead Time

Define the time frame required to prepare the order for shipment, which can be entered in days or weeks.

Quote Expiration Date

Within the Lead Time tab, you can also set an expiration date for the quote, after which it will no longer be valid.

Payment Terms

Multiple payment term options are available including choose to have the payment made in full (100%) upon delivery by the estimated arrival time (ETA) to the hardware company. Alternatively, split the payment between the time the order is marked as shipped and the ETA.