Hardware Company Dashboard


The Hardware Company Dashboard in Partsimony gives you an immediate overview of critical data, including spending, proposals, and order statuses to help you quickly identify areas that require attention and track the progress of projects.

Organization Intelligence & Reputation Scoring

AI Recommendations

Partsimony uses data from your activities to make its AI recommendations more accurate and relevant for your organization. This means that as you use Partsimony, it gets better at helping you with supply chain decisions.

Organizational Intelligence Score

The Organization Intelligence is a score out of 100 that quantifies your engagement and effectiveness within the Partsimony network, factoring in the completeness of your profile, transaction volume, financial commitment, design contributions, and network size.

Organizational Intelligence Score Requirements

Boost Your Network Visibility

Just like how SEO improves your website's visibility, actively participating in the network can enhance your supplier ranking. This, in turn, makes you more visible to potential new customers.

Understanding Reputation Score

The Reputation Score is a score out of 850 that serves as a reflection of your credibility within the Partsimony marketplace, automatically calculated by your transaction history, customer satisfaction, and financial engagement.

Achieving a high score is key to building trust and winning more business, as it encapsulates the value and reliability you offer to customers.

Definition of Reputation Score Requirements

Key Views

Total Spend

Provides a clear and concise snapshot of your project's financial status including:

  • Budget: The total financial resources earmarked for your projects, established during the project creation phase.

  • Actual Spend: The real amount expended from the budget, alongside the percentage that denotes how much of the budget you've successfully retained.

Requires Attention

The Requires Attention view highlights items that require your immediate attention. These areas are crucial for keeping your projects and operations running smoothly.

  • Proposals: Indicates the number of proposals waiting for your review or action.

  • Components: Shows alerts or notifications related to your components.

  • Orders: Points out orders that may need your follow-up.

Arriving Soon

The Arriving Soon view highlights incoming deliveries. It details:

  • Component/No: Name and number of the component

  • Quantity (Qty): Number of order units for the component

  • Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA): when the component is expected to arrive

Components with RFPs

The Components with RFPs view shows how many components have Requests for Proposals (RFPs) compared to those still waiting. It's a quick way to see what's moving forward and what's still on hold.

RFPs with Proposals

The RFPs with Proposals view shows both the ratio and percentage of Requests for Proposals (RFPs) that have received Proposals. This helps you understand how many of your RFPs are getting responses.

Orders Pie Chart

The Orders pie chart provides up-to-date information on the status of your overall order history as a percentage of overall orders queued, produced, and shipped.

Map View

The global map feature lets you see geographic data. This can include where your shipments are, where your suppliers are located, or where your customers are around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Reputation Score is a key metric that ranks organizations in the network. It's improved by processing more orders to increase credibility on the network.

  • The Org Intelligence score reflects how well your organization utilizes the platform, with a focus on enhancing AI efficacy through your data contributions and network engagement. The Reputation score, on the other hand, is an indicator of your trustworthiness and customer satisfaction within the marketplace, directly affecting your ability to attract and retain business. While both scores are important, Org Intelligence measures your interaction with the AI and platform features, whereas Reputation is a direct measure of your commercial reliability and success.