Components in Inbox


Learn how to add and tag components in chat by utilizing the search field, which intelligently updates the component list based on each contact's specific part repository or library.

Inbox Component Library

Partsimony enhances organizational efficiency with a client-specific component library, creating a centralized repository of components for each client.

This dedicated library allows for effortless referencing and searching of components directly within the inbox chat, bypassing the need to navigate back to individual RFPs or orders.

Here you can view component details such as overview and associated files, RFPs, and orders.

Adding and Tagging Components

By typing the '@' symbol followed by the component name, users can tag components in their messages. This action creates a clickable link within the chat, which, when selected, brings up the detailed information from the component library.

Spotlight on the Search Field

The search field dynamically updates to show you relevant components based on the part repository or library unique to each contact.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The component library updates based on the contact you're communicating with, making the shared components specific to each contact.