Track Submitted Orders


Discover how hardware companies can monitor the status of their Orders and ensure a smooth flow of information between manufacturers/suppliers and companies, keeping production on schedule.

Order History

To view Orders on Partsimony, start by clicking on the Orders section located in the navigation bar on the left side of the screen. This action will display a list of all your Orders, including both active and historical ones, placed with manufacturers/suppliers.

Order Dashboard Categories

  • Order: Displays the Order number and how many Components are associated with the Order

  • Qty: Indicates the number of units to be manufactured with the Order

  • ETA: Shows the estimated time to deliver the completed Order

  • Total: Displays the total cost of the Order

  • Schedules: Indicates how many Components within an Order are Queued, In Production, Shipped, and Delivered

Detailed Order Status

For a detailed view of the status of components linked to a specific Order, click on the Order of interest. This will open a panel on the right side of the screen.

Here, you'll find detailed information about the Order statuses. It shows you a breakdown of Components: those Queued and waiting for Production, those currently in Production, and those that have been Shipped. This visual representation allows you to track every stage of your Order.

Order Status Categories

Status Category


Queued for Production

Your Order's Components are waiting to start Production.

In Production

Your Order's Components are currently being made.


Your Order's Components have been sent out for delivery.


Your Order's Components have arrived at their destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Order status updates largely depend on the supplier but typically happen at key production stages, such as when parts are queued, in production, shipped, and delivered.

  • You can find updates on your Order status by logging into Partsimony and navigating to the Orders section. Here, you'll see the latest information provided by your supplier.

  • If you're missing updates, first check the Orders section in Partsimony to ensure you haven't missed any notifications. If there's still an issue, contact your supplier directly for an update.