Edit Project


Learn how to edit Project names in Partsimony.

Changing Project Name

  1. Click on the Project you want to edit in the Projects tab

  2. Go to the top of the Project page and move your mouse over the Project Name

  3. Hover over the Project Name and click the pen icon that appears to open the name editor

  4. Enter the new name for your Project and click the ✔️ icon to save the changes

Frequently Asked Questions

  • To edit Components in your Project, navigate to the Project page, select the Component you want to edit, and make your changes directly in the Component Card panel.

  • Adjust your Project budget by going to the Project page, finding the Project Spend card on the right-hand side, clicking on the pen icon next to the Project Spend title, updating the budget amount to your new desired figure, and clicking the ✔️ icon to save changes.