Confirm Order Delivery


Learn how to confirm the successful delivery of your Orders and track their delivery status on Partsimony, ensuring that your shipments are accurately accounted for.

Confirming Order Delivery

Shipped Orders

The Shipped tab in Partsimony plays a crucial role in managing Orders. Once your shipment has been received from the supplier, mark the relevant Shipment Schedules within the Order as delivered. This ensures that all parties are up-to-date on the Order's status.

After receiving a shipment for an Order:

  1. Click on the respective Order to open the Order details panel

  2. Navigate to the Shipped tab on the Order details panel

  3. Select the relevant Shipment Schedules for the respective Components that were successfully delivered

  4. Click Mark as Delivered to update the Order status and keep your records accurate

Confirm Receipts Promptly

Marking Orders as delivered helps keep your Order tracking accurate and up-to-date, ensuring smoother Project progress and inventory management.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Shipped tab is located in the Order panel details. Click an Order on the left navigation panel to view the Order's detailed panel.

  • To confirm receipt of multiple Orders, navigate to the Shipped tab of each Order and mark each Shipment Schedule as delivered to indicate that you've received them.