Add Connections


Inviting suppliers to Partsimony streamlines the process of expanding your network and sourcing for projects.

Check Your License: Paid Feature

Only Mid-Tier SaaS license users can discover and add Connections.

Step by step: Inviting Suppliers via Email

  1. From the Connections page, click on the Invite New Connections button in the top right of the page

  2. Choose Invite via Email Address

  3. Type in the email address of your supplier and click Invite to Partsimony

Invite via Spreadsheet

To invite suppliers via a spreadsheet, first prepare a CSV file with all the supplier emails you want to invite.

Then, on the Connections page, click Invite Connections. Here, you can upload the CSV file. Partsimony will automatically parse the email addresses from the file and send the invitations for you. This method makes it quick and easy to invite multiple suppliers at once.

Invite Suppliers in Bulk

Use a spreadsheet for efficient bulk invitations. Just upload a CSV file with their email addresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • No, you need an email address to invite suppliers. You can either enter the emails manually or use a CSV file to invite multiple suppliers at once.

  • The CSV file should list the email addresses of the suppliers you wish to invite. Ensure each email is in a separate line or cell.

  • The Discover feature is part of the Mid-Tier SaaS license. Contact customer support for the exact cost details.

  • There's no specified limit on the number of suppliers you can invite. However, the performance might vary based on your subscription plan.