Smart Ranking Proposals


Discover how to use the Smart Ranking feature in Partsimony to optimize your Proposals for the best matches based on factors like cost, lead time, payment terms, distance, and quality.

Smart Ranking Basics

Smart Ranking is a feature in Partsimony designed to automatically rank the best Proposal for your needs. It considers several factors such as cost, lead time, payment terms, distance, and quality. This allows you to quickly find options that match your Project's budget and timeline.

The platform learns from your preferences over time. This means it gets better at finding the right match for you as you use it. This holistic view ensures you're making choices that are not only good for your budget and timeline but also for your overall Project goals.

Optimizing Smart Ranking

Within your chosen Proposal, look for the Smart Ranking section and find the Optimize Ranking toggle in the right pane. By toggling Optimize Ranking, you can manually change the order of priority factors. For example, if lead time is more important to you than cost, you can move lead time higher up in the list.

After making these adjustments, the system automatically updates to reflect changes in the Order Total. This means you'll immediately see how prioritizing one factor over another impacts the overall best Proposals.

Understanding Smart Ranking Factors for Proposals

  • Cost: How much the Proposal costs

  • Lead Time: The time it takes from placing an Order to delivery

  • Payment Terms: The conditions under which payment is made

  • Distance: How far the supplier is from your specified location

  • Quality: The quality rating of the manufacturer