Sharing RFPs


Learn how to share your Request for Proposals (RFPs) with suppliers, allowing them to provide quotes for your Components.

Email Notifications

Partsimony makes it easy to manage Requests for Proposals (RFPs). When you send out an RFP, the system automatically notifies your suppliers by email. This means suppliers can quickly see your request and respond with their quotes right inside the platform.

You can copy and paste a URL link for quoting outside the platform. This is useful if you have already emailed an RFP to a supplier. They can quote by using that URL link.

To share via URL:

  1. Navigate to the RFP Dashboard

  2. Click on a sent RFP that you want to share with a manufacturer

  3. Click the Copy Public Link blue button in the right panel

Share RFPs Outside Partsimony with URL

Share your RFPs easily with suppliers outside Partsimony by copying and pasting the URL link. It supports quoting directly from the link, making external collaboration smooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If the email notification for an RFP fails, try resending the notice. If the issue persists, contact Partsimony support for help.

  • Yes, you can manually add other manufacturers to an RFP by clicking the Add from Connections button on the manufacturer list or selecting other recommended manufacturers from the list.

  • To track responses to an RFP, go to the Proposals tab on the Project page to see which suppliers have responded and review their quotes.