Managing Components in Message


Learn how to manage components in Partsimony inbox messages, ranging from adding and tagging to searching and collaborating with contacts. This process allows for efficient organization and communication within the platform.

Accessing Components with Inbox Messages

Component Library

Partsimony creates a component library for each conversation in Inbox. The library displays components shared between you and the supplier. This feature tightly integrates your design and manufacturing workflow with your communication.

The component library in Partsimony updates based on the contact you're dealing with. This means when you communicate with a specific contact, the available components you see are tailored to what you've shared or interacted with them previously.

Managing Components in Message

Searching the Component Library

Use the Component Search Field in the right panel of any Inbox message chat window to find components. As you type, the list updates, pulling information from a part repository or library unique to each contact.

Viewing Component Details

Click on any component within the component library to view files, RFPs, and orders related to that component. This helps you get all the important info in one place.

Mentioning Components in Inbox

To mention a component, type @ followed by the component name within the chat field and select the component you want to mention.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Search for components by using the inbox's search function. Details such as files, RFPs, and orders related to the component will be displayed.

  • The component library updates automatically when you select other network contacts to collaborate with, making it specific to shared components with each contact.