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Discover how to use Partsimony's messaging system to connect and collaborate with suppliers. It lets you share messages, videos, screenshots, and more to streamline communication.

Starting a New Conversation

To start messaging a supplier, first go to the Inbox section. This is where all your conversations are kept.

  • If you already know who you want to message, use the search field to find the supplier. This makes it quick to get to the right conversation.

  • If you're looking to start a new conversation, simply click the New Conversation button. This will let you create a new message thread.

Once you've opened a new conversation or found an existing one, you can start messaging. It's a direct way to communicate and share updates.

Add New Supplier Connections

You can only send messages to suppliers stored in your Connections on Partsimony. Learn more about adding new suppliers to your Connections list in our guide.

Email Notifications

In Partsimony, the Inbox is linked to your personal email account. New messages from suppliers will appear in the Inbox window and you'll also get an email notification in your inbox.

Media Types

Partsimonly allows users to share a range of media including videos, screenshots, pictures, and component files within messages to suppliers.

Tagging Components in Inbox Chat

Reference specific components by typing the '@' symbol followed by the component name with a chat to tag components in their messages.

This action creates a clickable link within the chat, which, when selected, brings up the detailed information from the component library. This feature streamlines discussions by providing immediate access to component specs and data, facilitating clear and informed communication between suppliers and hardware companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In Partsimony, you can attach various file types including videos, screenshots, pictures, images, and component files to messages.

  • When you add and tag components in a message, the component list updates based on a part repository or library specific to each contact, changing based on the contact you've shared with.