RFP Dashboard


Explore how the RFP dashboard in Partsimony allows you to track and manage your draft and sent requests for proposals (RFPs).

RFP Dashboard Features

To manage your requests for proposals (RFPs) in Partsimony, first access the RFP dashboard by clicking on the RFP tab within any project. This area lets you handle all RFPs, whether they're drafts or have been sent out.

Here's what you can do on the RFP dashboard:

  • Find RFPs in draft form, shown with a yellow DRAFT status

  • Identify sent RFPs by the green SENT status

  • View when an RFP was last saved and who created it on your team

  • Delete RFPs by clicking the three dots next to an RFP and selecting delete

Legend for RFP Status Colors

RFP Status

Color Code





Frequently Asked Questions

  • Once an RFP is deleted by clicking the three dots and selecting delete, there's no way to recover it. Always be sure before removing an RFP.

  • Draft status, shown in yellow, indicates that the RFP is still being worked on and hasn't been sent out. Sent status, displayed in green, means the RFP has been shared with suppliers.

  • To see who on your team created an RFP, look for the information on the RFP dashboard. This helps you track and manage your team's activities.