Create RFP


This guide details how to create and optimize a Request for Proposal (RFP) in Partsimony, from selecting Components to matching suppliers and finalizing details.

Step by step: Creating an RFP

  1. Select the Component(s) to create an RFP in the Component tab of your project

  2. Click the blue button, Create RFP

  3. Provide key group and individual level RFP details: Desired Delivery Date, Quantity, and Shipping Address, and click Generate Recommendations

  4. Evaluate Partsimony's manufacturer recommendations, select recipients, and click Send RFP

Add Additional Components to Draft RFP

You can add new Components to a draft RFP in Partsimony at any time by simply clicking on the desired Components from the left panel.

Add Manufacturers Manually

You also have the option to add manufacturers to your RFP manually by clicking the Add from Connections button on the manufacturer list. This feature allows you to include potential suppliers that Partsimony did not automatically recommend.

Group RFPs

When you want to send a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a group of Components, Partsimony will sort your Components into batches based on attribute similarities. This helps in finding the best manufacturers for each group of related Components.

This allows users to carefully pick the best suppliers for every batch of Components within an RFP.


You must make a manufacturer selection for every batch Component within an RFP to ensure that every Component is accounted for. If you want to send RFPs to only specific Components, select those and proceed with sending.

Re-oder a Group of Components from a Previous RFP