Place Orders


Discover how Partsimony makes it easy to view Proposals from manufacturers and suppliers and efficiently place Orders with the ideal partner.

Placing Orders

After sending RFPs, you can view the Proposals from manufacturers or suppliers and evaluate them before placing an Order.

When you're ready to start a purchase order with a manufacturer or supplier, select the respective Proposals and click the Place Order button from the Proposals tab. This action generates a purchase order for each selected manufacturer or supplier without needing to do it one by one.

Partsimony lets you rank what's important to you, like cost, lead time, payment terms, or quality. You select what matters most for each transaction.

To learn more about Smart Ranking Proposals to make the best decision for your Project, see our guide here.

Payment Methods

Partsimony allows users to easily change the Payment Method of an Order by clicking on Change within the Order Total view in the right pane of a Proposal page. You can then select another Payment Method saved to your account for the Order.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Partsimony uses Stripe as a payment processor. This means you don't have to chase down suppliers for payments.