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Explore how Partsimony bridges the gap between hardware companies and manufacturers, facilitating easy collaboration. It uniquely links engineering design data with manufacturing supply chain information, streamlining the creation and delivery of hardware products.

Connecting Buyers and Sellers

Hardware Companies

Partsimony is a manufacturing supply chain management platform that supports hardware companies. These companies create physical products, for example, motorcycles, jet engines, and robots. They are often referred to as OEMs, which stand for original equipment manufacturers. This term highlights their role in making the original products.

Get the lowdown on OEM

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. It refers to companies that make products, like motorcycles or robots, and then sell them to consumers.


When you sign up on Partsimony as a manufacturer or supplier, you bring important manufacturing capabilities or offer off-the-shelf components for hardware products. Think of it as enabling the creation of items like motorcycles, jet engines, or robots. Manufacturers help in turning designs into real products, while suppliers provide the specific parts needed. Both are important in the supply chain, partnering with companies that create these physical products.

Partsimony connects you, the supplier, with hardware companies looking for specific components. This connection helps these companies source the best parts for their products. By joining Partsimony, you become part of a network that supports the manufacturing and delivery of hardware products to warehouses and, eventually, to the end customers.

Your role involves understanding the engineering design data, such as CAD files and component specifications. This ensures you can offer components that meet the exact needs of the hardware companies. Your expertise contributes to building more resilient supply chains by matching your manufacturing capabilities with the requirements of various hardware projects.

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Manufacturers can supply a wide range of components, from 3D printed parts to electronic assemblies and even custom-machined pieces.

Linking Design Data

Partsimony connects engineering design data, such as CAD files, to manufacturing supply chain data. This includes profiles of manufacturers who are best fit for producing specific components. By linking these two important elements, it ensures that hardware companies can build more resilient supply chains. The Partsimony platform supports various manufacturers and helps in selecting the right partner for production needs.